For industrial products

Benefit from your investment in digital design and detailed CAD models. Train real procedures, with real tools, down to manipulating single bolts and washers. Our training designers help you find the most effective way to learn in VR.

For all kinds of learning

We bring your detailed product CAD model to the VR world once. We can then efficiently create a curriculum of modules on it for different learning needs. Your experts will soon come up with ideas for new modules.

For introduction

Learn about product structure and parts. Experience their real-life size and movement. Learn about the operating principles.

For Sales

Kick the tyres of a new product. Learn about key selling points and improvements. Experience key product changes. Learn how to present features to your customers.

For verification

Try your installation, maintenance and repair procedures before you have a physical prototype. Experience what's hard and what's easy. Learn how to cut effort and cost, and how to increase safety.

For installation

Perform key installation procedures just as in real life, as many times as needed. Memorize the installation sequence and learn to avoid costly mistakes.

For operation

Find the controls, knobs, dials, levers, latches and switches. Learn to perform operating procedures correctly, safely and efficiently.

For safety

Learn to identify safety risks with the product. Experience the correct use of safety equipment and installation aids. Practise and memorize precautions to maintain safety.

For certification

You are asked to perform a key procedure. Demonstrate that you are proficient and can maintain safety. Learn how to improve your performance.

For maintenance

Learn to use the correct tools and procedures to maintain the product.

For repair

Learn to perform repair procedures that would be too costly to practice on a real product. Get the product in the correct starting configuration automatically.

For all learning methods

You can re-use a single flexible VR training module for 24x7x365 asynchronous self-study, for synchronous trainer-led online multiplayer sessions, and for enhancing trainer-led trainings in both the classroom and in Teams video calls.

Advanced technology

We implement your VR training modules efficiently on our LearningEngine platform. Out-of-the box, you can manipulate any part of your product and save and load your progress. We can add product structure, ready-made tool interactions, AI guidance, and other things as needed. You can deploy the module completely offline, or as a multi-user metaverse experience.

Proven full service

We can offer a single module for piloting or an ongoing service for creating training for each new product launch. Our VR modules are in production with large industrial clients, with guidance localized to over 14 languages. We are happy to keep you up to date on VR and metaverse technology, and work with your IT on hardware, deployment, support, and integration.

Reliable enterprise partner

Established in 1999, we have a long track record in solving professional training challenges for enterprises. VR is not the best tool for all training - we can help you integrate VR with your other training portfolio where it makes most sense. In addition to VR, our professional services include curriculum design, self-study e-learning and instructor-led training design, local/remote technical training delivery, and technical consulting.