Upknowledge Adaptive Method

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Custom solutions on general technologies.

The Upknowledge Adaptive method allows you to create effective, targeted learning solutions on general technology topics.

Traditional targeted learning solution creation focuses on the learning material, either creating all-new material for the learning solution or selecting material modules from existing catalogued learning solutions.

The Upknowledge Adaptive method is a different approach. The Adaptive method starts with the instructional design of the learning solution. Working with you, our learning solution creation team adapts one of our ready-made Upknowledge Reference Designs to meet your learning objectives.

In the Adaptive method, the focus of learning solution creation moves from creating targeted learning material to the creation of a targeted instructional design. In the background, the adapted Reference Design uses our off-the-shelf Upknowledge Adaptive Learning Material as for example the trainer presentation and participant support materials.

Using the Adaptive method, your targeted learning solutions will have instructional quality similar to a long lead-time, fully custom-made solution, but with a significantly faster schedule and lower initial investment.